Amherstburg Holding Virtual Public Meeting On Ward System Ballot Question

The Town of Amherstburg is holding a virtual public information session Monday night in advance of a 2022 ballot question on a ward system.

The virtual public meeting begins at 6 p.m. and residents can watch it on the regular Council livestream channel located at:

The meeting will consist of a short presentation on a ward system and the referendum process along with the reading of any questions submitted by residents. It will be recorded and made available afterwards on the Town’s election page:

A map of Amherstburg showing the Town divided into three wards.

Residents can submit questions via email before and during the meeting to [email protected] and their question will be read aloud anonymously and answered during the meeting.  

Anyone wishing to appear virtually and speak or ask a question during the meeting needs to register online prior to noon on Monday at this link:

Council directed Administration last May to proceed with at least one public engagement and information session ahead of putting a straightforward question on the ballot in the upcoming municipal election: “Are you in favour a Ward Election System?”

I believe our existing at-large system serves the voters of Amherstburg well and favour it over a ward system.

Read the Administrative report!

A map of Amherstburg showing Option 1 for a 3-ward system.