Amherstburg's River Lights To Shine Bright Through January

River Lights will continue burning bright in Amherstburg through January, a beacon of optimism and hope in the midst of a grinding pandemic that has left all of us frustrated and fatigued.

River Lights in Amherstburg

The seasonal displays set up in Toddy Jones and Kingโ€™s Navy Yard Parks have been bringing joy to Town residents young and old since the lighting ceremony on November 20th and thereโ€™s no reason they canโ€™t keep raising spirits as we roll into 2022.

The lights promote mental and physical wellness, providing a great reason for people to get some exercise outside while safely meeting with friends or extended family. They also attract people downtown, where they can support businesses struggling beneath the burden of pandemic restrictions.

I live out in McGregor but Iโ€™ve trotted through Navy Yard Park multiple times recently, getting in my daily mile before an evening class at Garage Gym, and Iโ€™ve seen so many families and couples out for evening strolls. It always brings a smile to my face.

The Amherstburg sign at River Lights

My favourite display, hands down, is that all-caps AMHERSTBURG sign that lights up half the park and a portion of the Detroit River.

The River Lights Festival was supposed to wrap up this weekend but has been extended until January 31st. Great job to Town staff for making this happen!

If you and your family havenโ€™t seen the festive lights yet, make sure you get out and enjoy them in January! They really are spectacular!

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