A local blogger has asked all the candidates how they intend to use social media during the campaign and how they intend to use it should they be elected. Here are my answers:

Question 1: During your election campaign, how do you intend to use social media if at all? (examples: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blog, web site etc….) How can residents reach you or get information about you?

Thank you for the opportunity to share my vision and connect with the residents of Amherstburg!

Social media is an excellent platform to get my message out, but, more importantly, it’s an exceptional vehicle for residents to connect with me, to ask me questions and let me know how they feel about the issues.

I’m active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. Residents can follow my campaign Facebook page at facebook.com/GoAburg. On Twitter and Instagram, my handle is @captainbyliner, a tip of the hat to the two decades I spent as a journalist covering the stories of Windsor and Essex County. Please give me a follow!

I have a campaign website located at www.donaldmcarthur.com. Voters can volunteer and sign up to receive email bulletins. I will update my website throughout the campaign with posts about my platform and community issues and share those posts on my social media channels.

I believe very passionately in the people and potential of Amherstburg. We have a storied past and a boundless future. We need to build the buzz and share our amazing story on as many social media platforms as we can.

Please follow me on Twitter and Instagram and please visit my website at www.donaldmcarthur.com. Residents are also free to phone me any time at 519-981-4875. Thanks! Go Aburg!

Question 2: If you’re elected, how do you intend to use social media, if at all? How will you communicate with the residents?

I celebrated this community and engaged and informed voters using social media and my website during my four years on council and will enhance those communication efforts if I’m elected again.

I was active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and used those social media platforms to support and promote community groups and Town businesses and events.

I also maintained a website dedicated to my Council activities at www.donaldmcarthur.com. I regularly blogged about Council decisions and I also sent out quarterly digital newsletters to all the residents who signed up to receive them.

The author of this very blog, who has attended nearly every Council meeting since 2015, praised me for those outreach efforts in a post on March 8, 2021: “He’s the only member of council that has a webpage, a blog and a regular newsletter. He is on social media getting facts out there more than the rest of council put together. Councillor McArthur is probably one of the hardest working members of council that I have seen (last term and this term).”

I wouldn’t have had any content to post to my social media channels, of course,  if I didn’t make a concerted effort to consistently attend community events and participate in Town functions and charity fundraisers.

But I believe very strongly that political representatives need to be present and accessible at community events and use their platforms to support the volunteers, non-profit groups and small businesses that are the lifeblood of our community.

I was out in the community as much as possible during my first term of Council, making myself accessible to residents and supporting our community pillars, and I will bring this same sort of dedicated and responsive representation to my second term.

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Donald McArthur


Donald McArthur is running a positive and progressive campaign for re-election to Amherstburg Council. Go Aburg!