Constituents' Corner: Medical Marijuana User Says Opt In

From time to time, I'm happy to post submissions from constituents to enrich, enliven or inform the debate on issues. 

The following letter was sent to me by a town resident who uses medical marijuana and wants council to opt in on Cannabis retail: 

"As a person who has been prescribed medical marijuana, having a dispensary here in our town of Amherstburg would be a lifesaver. As it is, I either have to wait for a shipment or drive into Windsor to get my weekly dosages.

I get some people will say ‘oh well,’ but here’s the thing: When you are dealing with cancer, sometimes that trip to Windsor or waiting can become tedious and tiresome.

Some days, in order to even be able to eat, I have no choice but to smoke or inject CBD oils.

Please don't tell me to utilize our drug stores as 90 per cent of the time they give me the bare minimum, which only gets me through a couple of days. Their wait times and restrictions are ridiculous.

A dispensary is nothing to fear. Zoning and By-laws will be in place well before we would even be allowed to set up shop. All of you people fearful of this "drug" obviously have done very little research on the benefits it can offer.

Yes, you will have your regular smokers but then you have people who are dealing with medical issues who rely on Cannabis instead of pain killers or depression/anxiety drugs. Do you know what that does to someone? To your body? To constantly fill it with medications?

I get it. It's easier to be afraid and listen to those who we truly believe to be right but, please, do some research. See what good this will bring to our town and the revenue it will bring for us. Stop pushing against jobs, change and start embracing the future.

I am not asking for pity. I am asking the residents to stop worrying and to look at all the good Cannabis does, to understand that sometimes it is giving us quality time with our families.

In my case, it could very much be saving my life and allowing me the chance to feel normal and giving me the chance to parent my children. 

Thank you."

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