Running In Amherstburg: Big Creek Loop

It's long and lonely into the wind on County Road 20 from Creek Road to Ducks on the Roof but I just kept plugging away. I had no choice. My vehicle was parked at the Libro!

Amherstburg Trail SignI went slow and took a few picture breaks and almost ran the yellow Amherstburg trail, which measures around 20 km.

I went down Dalhousie instead of Sandwich and turned at Richmond rather than Alma so I could trot by the Amherstburg Freedom Museum and ultimately clocked about 9.8 miles. 

There are some spectacular water views at both ends of Creek Road and it's pretty much all blue sky and shoreline as you head into town from the south, the beginning of the Detroit River Heritage Parkway which stretches all the way to Windsor.

The route takes you past some historical markers and sites, including Belle Vue House and the old Boblo Dock. 

Big Creek from County Road 20

Canadian Gees at Belle Vue House

Geese near the Detroit River in Amherstburg.

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