Below is a CTV Windsor News segment on my running streak, which is at 420 days and counting!

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Windsor Morning Interview:

Listen to my interview with CBC Windsor's Tony Doucette on January 30th about the new Amherstburg High School.

Windsor Morning Interview:

I chatted with CBC Windsor's Tony Doucette on March 27 about our quest for an updated national anthem to open our meetings. Listen to the interview!

Tony Doucette and Amherstburg Councillor Donald McArthur

Recent Headlines:

Amherstburg councillors voice concern over design for dual high school -- Windsor Star -- January 30, 2020

No money for lockers, grass in budget for new Amherstburg high school -- CBC Windsor -- January 30, 2020

New Greenhouse Operation Proposed in Amherstburg -- AM 800 News -- Dec. 9, 2019

Amherstburg proposes transformative $50M project -- Windsor Star -- Oct. 19, 2019

Mystery solved: Faulty car alarm blamed for Amherstburg key fob dead zone -- Windsor Star -- Oct. 15, 2019

A'burg investigates 'mystery' of dead zone where cars won't start -- Windsor Star -- Oct. 4, 2019

Fishing concerns at King's Navy Yark Park in Amherstburg -- AM 800 News -- Sept. 25, 2019

Amherstburg weighs zoning bylaws for cannabis production -- Windsor Star -- July 15, 2019

Family seeks affordable home for Down syndrome daughter -- Windsor Star -- June 21, 2019

Amherstburg will expand public fishing area for Silver Bass run -- Windsor Star -- May 13, 2019

Residents in Amherstburg excited about waterfront development -- CTV Windsor -- May 7, 2019

Amherstburg weighs ban on single-use plastics -- Windsor Star -- April 24, 2019

Little White Church in Amherstburg becoming Bed and Breakfast -- CTV Windsor -- April 10, 2019

Amherstburg Youth Advisory Committee has trouble attracting participants -- Windsor Star -- April 10, 2019

First downtown Amherstburg brewery wins support from councillors -- Windsor Star -- March 12, 2019

A Tale of Two Streets: Marsh addresses cause confusion in Amherstburg -- Windsor Star -- Feb. 25, 2019

Five new town councillors looking forward to the challenge -- River Town Times -- Oct. 31, 2018

Should ATVs be allowed on municipal roads? Amherstburg to consider club's proposal -- Windsor Star -- Oct. 31, 2018

ATVs On Rural Roads Up For Debate In Amherstburg -- AM 800 -- Oct. 31, 2018

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