Mixed reviews for proposed logo: 'We can do better'

Reviews of a proposed new logo and tagline for Amherstburg are mixed although the social media buzz, especially on the logo, seems to be: 'We can do better.'

I conducted a simple survey this weekend and solicited feedback via Twitter and Facebook. You can read the stream of Facebook comments here and you can read some of the Twitter reactions below. 

I look forward to hearing the presentation about the logo and branding strategy at tonight's council meeting. 

The sample size of my survey was small and the results are certainly unscientific though respondents had to register with an email in order to vote.

My first survey question was: What do you think of the new logo proposed for the town? It received 131 responses. Fourteen people said they loved it, 29 people said it was OK and 88 people said 'No Way.'

My second survey question was: What do you think of the tagline 'Born to make history?' It received 105 responses. Fourteen people said they loved it, 40 people said it was OK and 51 people said 'No Way.'

The graphic below shows the logo question on the left and the tagline question on the right. 

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  • Donald McArthur
    commented 2019-01-14 22:27:37 -0600
    Thanks for the input, Ken! The public and some town committees are going to review other logos and possible taglines before council makes a final decision.
  • Ken Thrasher
    commented 2019-01-14 18:08:02 -0600
    Don being born and raised in Amherstburg, with a long Family History of community involvement, now being a residential and business taxpayer, I try to pay large detail to our Town’s financial position and the direction we are heading. With our Town heavily in debt, I do not understand the need to even have this expenditure, highly inflated for this result also. Our current Town Logo is our original Logo, which i believe was community designed. We talk about preserving our history. This expense will not attract business or people to choose Amherstburg as their destination. What will though is a sound financial standing, in turn allowing this community to concentrate on the key essential services? Not trying to be negative or rain on someone’s parade, just trying to be prudent and practical for the taxpayers of this Town.