New Gateway Signage In Amherstburg

Beautiful new signs installed at Amherstburg’s gateways were funded by federal grant money and will also include storyboards in King’s Navy Yard Park and along the Big Creek Trail at the Libro Centre.

A Welcome to Amherstburg sign!

The signs feature the Town’s tourism logo and an updated population figure of 23,524.

They are installed at key intersections where people would turn off County Roads to visit Amherstburg and key arteries like Front Road, Walker Road and Howard Avenue.

One sign encourages motorists leaving Town to “Make Today Awesome!” Another says "Baa Maa Pii Giga-Waabamin," which means "Until We Meet Again" in Ojibwe.

An Amherstburg sign with Ojibwe reading: Baa Maa Pii Giga-Waabamin

The signs were funded from a $100,000 grant from Ontario's Southwest Regional Tourism Organization, which received Tourism Relief Funding delivered by the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario. 

Still to come are storyboards with QR codes for audio highlighting the Indigenous experience that will be erected in King’s Navy Yard Park and near Fort Malden and Lowes Side Road.

"The Town's Tourism Department worked closely with a member and knowledge keeper of the local Indigenous community, resulting in the new storyboards that will promote history and information about the significance of the location where a visitor is standing," said a Government of Canada press release. "The new signs and storyboards are bright, bold, informative and consistent and will identify Amherstburg as a place-making thoughtful community with deep cultural, ecological and Indigenous roots."

As well, signs highlighting the flora and fauna of Big Creek will soon be installed on the amazing new trail at the Libro Centre.

An Amherstburg sign reading: See You Again Soon!An Amherstburg sign reading: Make Today Awesome!

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