“Councillor McArthur was always keen to support Camp Bryerswood. He shared our posts on social media, supported our fundraisers and donated the proceeds from when he and the River Rock Ramblers played music in King’s Navy Yard Park. Councillor McArthur also helped us to secure much-needed stone to smooth out our gravel parking lot and driveway.”

-- Kathi Poupard, President, Bryerswood Youth Camp Board of Directors

“Don has demonstrated during his first term on council in Amherstburg his unwavering commitment to the people of Amherstburg and community events and businesses. He listens and seeks to find solutions to support all of our residents. I have seen Don supporting the community, whether it is ensuring the Miracle League of Amherstburg continues, participating in a Holiday Beach Clean Up, listening and providing ideas for new residents are just some of what I noticed personally. It is clear to me that Don McArthur represents the residents of Amherstburg with action and heart. I totally support Don for council.“

-- Joan Donaldson, Amherstburg resident

"Donald McArthur was an extremely responsive and hard-working councillor during his first term who was always out in the community supporting local businesses and charitable causes. In person and on social media, he never stopped positively promoting our Town and he has my full support for a second term."

-- Dan Gemus, Amherstburg resident and business owner

"I have been consistently impressed with Councillor McArthur, who has been very responsible about assisting with concerns related to our seniors apartment, Bryerswood Youth Camp, and other issues.  I am 100% going to vote for his re-election; he is a Council member deserving of resident support. "

-- Robert W. Sinclair, Amherstburg resident

"He’s the only member of council that has a webpage, a blog and a regular newsletter. He is on social media getting facts out there more than the rest of council put together. Councillor McArthur is probably one of the hardest working members of council that I have seen (last term and this term)."

-- Sarah Gibb, Town Blogger who has attended nearly every meeting for the last two terms. March 8, 2021