Amherstburg Pickleball Players Make Impassioned Presentation To Parks Commitee

The Town’s Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee is recommending Council explore the construction of a Pickleball Hub at Malden Park following an impassioned presentation by members of the newly-formed Amherstburg Pickleball Association.

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Renowned Urbanist Gil Penalosa Calls On Amherstburg To Be 'Bold And Ambitious'

Renowned urbanist Gil Penalosa implored Amherstburg residents to be “be bold and ambitious” in building a progressive, pedestrian-friendly community in an inspiring speech to a sold-out crowd at the Libro Centre Tuesday night.

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Council Approves Contract For Makeover Of Beaudoin Park In River Canard

Hey, River Canard! The Beaudoin Park makeover you’ve been eagerly anticipating is about to kick into high gear!

The installation by a local designer of new, accessible playground equipment should begin in September as part of an exciting overhaul that may yet get bigger and better.

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Voting Record -- August 12, 2019

I was happy to support a By-Law exemption that will allow The Perch Pit food truck to set up shop downtown and also to support Council making itself available to residents living in McGregor, Malden, Anderdon and River Canard. 

I was also very happy to approve the contract that will kick start the long-awaited and much-anticipated makeover of Beaudoin Park in River Canard.

Here's how I voted:

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‘God’s Yard Sale’ In Amherstburg Raises Thousands For Victimized African Girls

When Mary Beneteau went to Ghana with her husband, Marc, she was deeply moved by the plight of an impoverished African boy. She wanted desperately to help him but wasn't sure how.

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Voting Record -- July 15, 2019

I supported pre-committing $23,725 to the 2020 budget to live stream council meetings and I also voted to add more generic information to the In-Camera titles on the public agendas.

I approved the tender to reconstruct Texas Road by the Fort Fun Centre -- the Town’s worst stretch of road, according to our Roads Needs Study and supported an amendment to the development agreement for Ure’s Country Kitchen. Bring on the mini-golf!

Here’s how I voted on July 15, 2019:

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Adam Butcher's O Canada Kicks Off Amherstburg Council Meeting

Country crooner Adam Butcher from Amherstburg recorded a special version of O Canada with which we opened our council meeting Monday night.

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Amherstburg Community Foundation Unveils Fundraising Projects

The money started rolling in while they were still giving speeches during the launch at the Libro Centre Wednesday of a revitalized Amherstburg Community Foundation.

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Voting Record -- June 24, 2019

I was happy to support wildlife steward Greg Nemeth's quest to install wildlife awareness signs in the Big Creek Watershed and I was happy to support placing the accounts payable reports on the public agenda.

I was also happy to promote a sidewalk/pathway on Middle Side Road in McGregor and to support granting a three-month medical leave of absences to Mayor Aldo DiCarlo. Get well soon, Aldo! 

Here's how I voted on June 24, 2019:

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Amherstburg Parents Hosting Public Meeting On Housing Shortage For Adult Children With Exceptional Needs

Amherstburg parents worried about affordable housing for their adult daughter with Down syndrome are organizing a public meeting hoping to connect with families confronting similar challenges.

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