Town Hosting Open House On Revitalization Of Beaudoin Park In River Canard

If you had $170,000 to spend on a playground, how would you divvy it up?

River Canard residents got to share their vision for a revitalized Beaudoin Park with the Town Thursday during two open houses at Fire Station #2 at 3400 Middle Side Road. There was a session from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and a second session from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Residents are definitely keen for this project to get going. The state of the aging park was a big issue on the campaign trail. Several pieces of play equipment have been removed since then due to their advanced age or deteriorating condition.

The concept plan recognizes Beaudoin Park’s location and aims to avoid duplicating equipment already available at St. Joseph’s Elementary School. It envisions three separate play precincts on the sprawling property – a non-structured grass area for pick-up sports, a playground area and the potential down the road for a discovery play area.

Two kids check out concept drawings for a revitalized Beaudoin Park in River Canard

The themed, multi-unit play structure would be “fun, multi-age, accessible and central” according to the town’s concept plan, and there would be an adjacent shade structure for “adult comfort” and “relaxed supervision.” The plan proposes an accessible saucer swing, play areas on a rubberized surface or engineered wood fibre, and the continued use of existing swings.

They also envision an “obstacle-free turf area” that could be used for pick-up soccer or football and an adjacent turf area for activities including a 3-hole disc golf course. The concept calls for a naturalized buffer area – the report calls it a “treed, 4-season perennial flowering grove” – between the fields and the playground.

Town council approved $170K to revitalize the park in our 2019 Budget, but there is the potential for additional non-tax funding.

“Amherstburg Parks Administration is committed to looking for additional funding sources to undertake additional park elements principally through application to the Amherstburg Community Foundation and Amherstburg Accessibility Committee,” says the Town’s presentation.

If you didn't make it to the Open Houses, there are multiple ways to let the Town know how you feel.

You can fill out a survey on Talk The Burg or you can email Parks boss Phil Roberts at [email protected] or phone him at 519-736-5712, ext. 2128.

You can also give me a shout at 519-981-4875 or email me at [email protected].

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Read the Town's presentation and view the concept drawings!

A story board encouraging residents to donate to community improvement groups.

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