Voting Record -- Oct. 15, 2019

I was very happy to proclaim Nov. 1 to 11 as Veteran's Week in Amherstburg and was very happy to support a recommendation by the Accessibility Advisory Committee to use money from the AODA Compliance Fund for trail improvements in a revamped Beaudoin Park in River Canard. I also voted with my colleagues to engage a consultant for $9,375 to conduct a performance appraisal of the CAO.


 11.1 Request for Exemption to Open Air Fire By-law - Peter Thyrring, Headmaster, St. Peter's ACHS College School

Council directed Administration to bring back a report outlining the impact to all types of sensitive receptors listed within the Open Air Fire By-law if exemptions were to be granted.


 15.1 Zoning By-Amendment - ES Howard Ave

Passed By-law 2019-075 being a by-law to amend the Zoning By-law for ES Howard Ave to allow for a transport truck parking lot and to exempt this
development from the requirement to fence any part of the lot used for permitted open storage.

 15.2 Housekeeping Zoning By-Law Amendment - Cannabis Production Facilities and Cultivation

Passed By-law 2019-076 being a by-law to amend the Zoning By-law to allow for Cannabis Production Facilities and Cultivation.


Reports - Parks, Facilities, Recreation and Culture

 16.1 Committee Vacancies

Reduced the Accessibility Advisory Committee composition to seven (7) lay members; reduced Seniors Advisory Committee composition to six (6) lay
members and one (1) stakeholder member; and, approved the advertising of the vacant position on the Co-An Park Committee.


 17.1 Accounts Receivable – Amherstburg Festival Corporation

Directed Administration to amend the Accounts Receivable Collections Policy by removing # (a) & (b) and revising (c) and to bring back the amended policy for Council consideration.


 18.1 Royal Canadian Legion 2019 Annual Poppy Campaign

Purchased a wreath in the amount of $75.00 to be placed at the Cenotaph for the Remembrance Day parade. Proclaimed November 1 - 11, 2019, as Veteran's Week in the Town; granted the distribution of Poppies throughout the Town commencing October 25, 2019, through to and including November 11, 2019; and, granted permission to the firing party to fire muskets (blank ammunition) during the ceremony at the Cenotaph in the King's Navy Yard Park on November 11, 2019.

 18.7 Joint and Several Liability Consultation - Township of Springwater Resolution

Supported the correspondence from the Township of Springwater regarding Joint and Several Liability Consultation, with the exception of Section 2(e) - Law Society of Ontario Charges.


 19.2 Source Water Protection Committee - Municipal Representation

Re-appointed Antonietta Giofu, Director of Engineering and Public Works, as the Town’s Source Water Committee Representative for a 5-year term set to expire on December 12, 2024.


 21.1 Amherstburg Accessibility Advisory Committee Minutes - September 19, 2019

Funded accessibility improvements from the AODA Compliance Fund for the trail network in the amount of $40,000 at Beaudoin Park.

 21.2 Heritage Committee Minutes - September 12, 2019

Adopted the corrections to the Heritage Registry Properties of Interest List as noted in the Committee report from the Chief Building Official.


 23.1 Bathroom at Toddy Jones Park

Directed administration to place a porta-potty at Toddy Jones Park for the remainder of the season and to seek long-term solutions to deter vandalism in Town park washrooms. 

 23.2 Boblo Island Development Agreement

Directed Administration to bring back a report regarding the finalization of the development of the north end of Boblo Island with the intent to enforce the by-law and development agreement relating to roads, sidewalks, curbs, and lighting, and to outline all municipal costs, if any.


25.1 By-law 2019-089 - Appoint Provincial Offences Officers

Passed By-law 2019-089 to Appoint Provincial Offences Officers for the Town.


 CAO Performance Review

Engaged Kercz International Ltd. for a CAO Performance Appraisal at a cost of $9,375.00 plus HST to be funded from the CAO budget centre professional fees expense account.

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