Voting Record -- April 23, 2019

I was happy to support the call by two young Anderdon Public School students to curb the use of plastics in town and I was happy to support a By the Glass liquor licence for Dancing Swallows Vineyard.

I was a little embarrassed to ask for a reconsideration of the town's tourism tagline -- a tagline I had suggested -- but felt it was the right thing to do. Folks didn't like it and I liked it less and less as time went on. It was OK but our town deserves better than that. 


10.1 Request for the Town of Amherstburg to Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags and Straws - Addisyn Walker and Darragh Aston, Anderdon Public School Elementary School Students

I voted to ban plastic straws and sticks at the Libro (except for those needed for accessibility reasons) and direct administration to explore the feasibility of a town-side plastic bag and straw ban and send a letter advocating reduced plastics use to the province.

10.2 Request for Wildlife Awareness Signage on Various Municipal Roadways - Greg Nemeth

I voted to direct administration to prepare a report on placing awareness signs on area roadways.

Reports -- Engineering and Public Works

15.1 2019 Road Repairs Program - Award of Tender

I voted to award the 2019 Road Repairs Program Tender to Nasci Construction Services Limited in the amount of $141,950 plus H.S.T.

Reports -- Planning, Development and Legislative Services

16.1 Manufacturer's Limited Liquor Sales Licence - Dancing Swallows Vineyard

I voted to support the issuance of this By the Glass licence. Good luck to the owners!

Reports - CAO's Office

17.1 Development of Affordable Housing Grant Agreement and 182 Pickering Grant

I voted to direct administration to develop an Affordable Housing Grant Agreement for council approval that encourages and supports the development of long-term affordable housing and approved a grant not to exceed $174,054 to offset the development charges for 182 Pickering.

Information Reports

18.1 Reduced Use of Bottled Water in Town of Amherstburg Facilities

Directed administration to:

  • Promote the use of municipal water and reusable water bottles for Council and other public meetings in town facilities.
  • Identify opportunities to replace non-recyclable, single-use plastics with alternate recyclable and 100 per cent biodegradable products.
  • Include a requirement in agreements for event organizers using town facilities to provide recycling opportunities.
  • Identify opportunities to install a water bottle fill station and recycling fixtures when town facilities are being built or renovated.

New Business

22.1 Reconsideration of the town's tagline

I introduced and supported a motion to reconsider the town's tourism tagline of 'Every Day History.' Supported a motion to have the consultants bring back alternatives no later than the May 27th regular council meeting. 


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