Voting Record -- April 8, 2019

I was happy to support waiving the fees for the annual AMA Sportsmen Club's Bob Meloche Kids' Fishing Derby and to pave the way for free Qi Gong fitness classes in King's Navy Yard Park.

I also supported the preservation of an historic home on Park Street and the installation of flashing stop signs at the intersection of Meloche Road and Simcoe Street with an eye to eventually installing traffic signals.

It was a great night for development as my council colleagues and I supported a new Wendy's, a new commercial plaza at 365 Sandwich Street South and the construction of a bed and breakfast establishment in the Little White Church at Howard Avenue and County Road 20.

Here's how I voted:


7.1 Request for Use of King's Navy Yard Park and Waive User Fees for Bob Meloche Kids Fishing Derby

I supported granting park access and the waiver of fees for this great father's day event. 

7.2 Request to Operate a Refreshment Cart on Town Property - Camille Jabbour

I supported a motion to have administration speak with local restaurants and potential food vendors and identify locations in town for food vendors going forward.

7.3 Request for use of King's Navy Yard Park for Qi Gong Fitness Classes - Rene Thrasher-Duch

I supported the request to host free Qi Gong fitness classes in King's Navy Yard Park several times this summer and supported the waiving of fees. 

7.4 Mobile Fun Zone at Toddy Jones Park – Tammy Brochert, Little Buddies
Preschool Centre Corporation

Reports - Corporate Services

9.1 Court Security Prisoner Transportation Program - 2019 Funding Agreement

I voted to authorize the 2019 funding agreement between the Town and the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services for Court Security Prisoner Transportation. 

Reports - Parks, Facilities, Recreation and Culture

10.1 Windsor River Cruises Ltd. Agreement

I voted to authorize an agreement that will see the Macassa Bay cruise ship dock in Amherstburg. The ship has docked in town anywhere from three to six times per season since 2012.

Reports - Engineering and Public Works

11.1 Equipment Purchase Request Amendments -- Parks and Public Works Budget Centres

I voted in favour of the Town purchasing a 42" Mower with Bagger and a 14' Rotary Mower with Turf Tires instead of purchasing the new 25' Boom Mower approved in the 2019 budget. Voted to direct the residual money to the Fleet and Equipment Reserve account. 

11.2 Placement of Underground Infrastructure, Curbs and Base Asphalt Maintenance - Meadowview Subdivision Phase 2

I voted to accept the consultant's recommendations for Meadowview Subdivision Phase 2 to place underground infrastructure, base asphalt and curbs on a one-year maintenance period, commencing March 12, 2019.

Reports - Planning, Development and Legislative Services

12.1 2019 Special Events Approval - Part II

I voted to approve several special events this Spring and Summer and to approve street closures and noise by-law exemptions for several events. 

Thumbs down graphic12.2 109 Park Street - Notice of Intent to Demolish

I voted against the administrative recommendation to permit the demolition of a home at 109 Park Street. I voted against the demolition and supported a motion to have administration begin the process of designating the property as a heritage home. 

12.3 Zoning By-Law Amendment for 83 Sandwich Street South

I supported amending the Zoning By-Law to allow for the development of a Wendy's restaurant and drive-thru on Sandwich.

12.4 Road Dedication of Reserves on Shaw Drive as Public Highway

I voted to approve the dedication of Shaw Drive, Block 45 and 46, 12M-505 as a Public Highway.

12.5 Development Agreement for 365 Sandwich Street South

I voted to approve the Site Plan and Development Agreement for 365 Sandwich Street South to allow for the redevelopment of a former church site to a commercial plaza.

12.6 Zoning By-Law Amendment - 565 Texas Road

I voted to amend the Zoning By-Law to allow for a portion of the existing building at 565 Texas Road to be used for a pool supply retail store.

12.7 Zoning By-Law Amendment - Housekeeping Amendment

I voted to authorize a Housekeeping Zoning By-Law amendment that clarified certain provisions and corrected minor technical errors to be in conformity with the Town's Official Plan.

Reports - CAO's Office

13.1 Committee Appointments - Amherstburg Accessibility Advisory Committee

Voted to allow more than five members on the Accessibility Advisory Committee and allowed a member to serve on more than tow boards or committees. Appointed several people to the Accessibility Advisory Committee.

13.2 Public Emergency Reporting Services (PERS) Agreement

Voted to authorize the Public Emergency Reporting Services Agreement between the Town and Bell Canada.


16.1 Falun Dafa Month - May 2019

Voted to proclaim May 2019 as Falun Dafa Month to promote harmony and health in The Town.

Other Minutes

17.1 Drainage Board Meeting Minutes - April 2, 2019

Passed By-Law 2019-034 to provide for a new bridge over the Langlois Drain; passed By-Law 2019-035 to provide for bridges for Bergeron and an updated maintenance schedule for the Sam Paquette Drain; accepted the request from Laramie Farms for the installation of a new access culvert over the Collison Drain; approved the appointment of Rood Engineering Inc. for the repair and improvement of Collison Drain. 

New Business

19.1 Heritage Properties and Properties on the Interest List

Voted to direct administration to place the Heritage Properties of Interest list on the town's website.

19.2 Angled parking on Dalhousie Street

Voted to direct administration to prepare a report regarding angled parking on the west side of Dalhousie Street from Richmond to Gore Streets, with the possibility of one-way southbound traffic.

19.3 In-law Suites and Granny Flats

Voted to direct administration to prepare a report regarding in-law suites, granny flats and laneway units.

19.3 Traffic signals at the intersection of Simcoe Street and Meloche Road

Voted to direct administration to prepare a report on installing traffic signals at the intersection. Directed administration to erect larger stop signs with flashing beacons in the meantime along with "stop ahead" markings on the road.

 Bed and Breakfast establishment in the Little White Church

Voted to amend the Zoning By-Law so the Little White Church could be transformed into a Bed and Breakfast establishment. Read more about this exciting project!