Voting Record -- Dec. 10, 2018

Most if not all of the votes at my inaugural council meeting were unanimous.

There was a little discussion, but not much, as a council of mostly political neophytes found our sea legs. 

I'm excited to have the first meeting under my belt and I'm very much looking forward to the second one.

Here's how I voted:



 6.1 -- The Co-production of Public Trust in Amherstburg – Suzanne McMurphy, Ph.D., MSS, MLSP, University of Windsor

Voted to receive the report from Suzanne Murphy, the University of Windsor professor who has been studying Amherstburg council as part of her trust in government research. I was happy to hear she believes live streaming council meetings is a plank in the foundation of accountable government. CAO John Miceli said a live streaming proposal would be part of the 2019 budget package.


Reports – Corporate Services


 8.1 -- 2018 Tax Write Offs and Rebates

Voted in favour of the property tax adjustments outlined in the 2018 Tax Write Offs and Rebates report.

 8.2 -- 2018 Tax Collector Roll Adjustment under Section 354 of the Municipal Act, 2001

Voted to allow the Treasurer to remove unpaid balances that have been deemed to be uncollectible from the Property Tax Roll; authorized the treasurer to write off property taxes for tax roll 3729 610 000 03900 until they are collectible.

 8.3 -- Development Charges Deferral Agreement

Voted to continue deferring residential development charges subject to conditions including Letters of Direction and administrative fees to defray costs. Agreed with an amendment put forward by a colleague to apply the fee every additional four months the charges are deferred.

 8.4 -- Continuing Operations Prior to 2019 Budget Approval

Voted to authorize the CAO to extend contracts of four town employees through to the 2019 Budget session.


Reports – Parks, Facilities, Recreation and Culture


 9.1 Roof Repair -- Replacement at Town Hall, 271 Sandwich St. S

Voted in favour of replacing the leaking roof at Town Hall at an upset limit of $72,744.


Reports – Planning, Development and Legislative Services


 11.1 -- Dog Control Officer and Pound Services

Voting in favour of entering into a $30,000 one-year agreement with the Windsor Essex County Humane Society to provide dog control services for the town.

 11.2 --  Suitability for Development of Three Proposed Lots, W/S Concession 2 North – on Private Septic Systems

Voted in favour of the development of three lots on W/S Concession 2 North on private septic systems.

 11.3 --  Urban Design Guidelines (UDG) Draft Presented for Council and Public Review

Voted in favour of a public session to gather feedback on the Urban Design Guidelines and voted to direct administration to include a cost item in the 2019 budget for developing a Heritage Conservation District.


Reports – CAO’s Office


 12.1 -- 2019 Calendar of Council Meetings

Voted in favour of the schedule as presented.

 12.2 -- Seniors Advisory Committee and Mayor’s Youth Advisory Committee

Voted in favour of striking a Seniors' Advisory Committee and Mayor’s Youth Advisory Committee.

 12.3 -- Local Board and Committee Appointments – 2018-2022 Term

Authorized administration to recruit members for local Boards and Committees.

 12.4 -- Council and Lay Member Board Appointments – 2018-2022 Term

  • Voted to put forward Deputy Mayor Leo Meloche and layperson Ron Sutherland as town representatives for the Essex County Library Board
  • Voted to appoint Aldo DiCarlo to the Essex Power Board of Directors
  • Voted to appoint Councillor Peter Courtney to ERCA and to advertise for one lay member

 12.5 -- Amherstburg Police Service Board Appointments and Abolition

  • Voted to disband the Amherstburg Police Services Board effective Dec. 31, 2018.
  • Voted to appoint Aldo DiCarlo and Leo Meloche to the board until then.
  • Voted to extend the appointment of current council appointee Bob Rozankovic until Dec. 31, 2018.

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