Voting Record -- Dec. 9, 2019

I voted in favour of zoning changes for a proposed new greenhouse development and I voted in favour of moving to a one-and-done fire permit fee system, which provides a break to existing permit holders and long-term savings to new permit applicants.

Here's how I voted on Dec. 9th:


 7.1 2020 Final Approved Budget

Adopted the 2020 Budget and approved the 2020 total own purposes tax levy of $24,288,151, including $22,985,487 general levy and $1,302,664 special capital levy; and, directed Administration to report back with a Final Levy By-law for adoption of the 2020 tax rates, based on the approved 2020 own purposes tax levy, following receipt of the returned assessment roll for 2020.

 7.2 2020 Interim Tax Levy By-Law 2020-001

Passed By-law 2020-001 being a by-law to Provide for an Interim Tax Levy in Default.

 7.3 By-Law 2019-106 Temporary Borrowing

Passed By-law 2019-106 being a by-law to Provide for the Temporary Borrowing of an upset limit of five million dollars.

 7.4 Variance Report - Period Ending September 30, 2019 (Q3)

Approved the write-off of the adjusting Invoice #15403 in the amount of $33,517.66 plus HST for retroactive rent adjustments January 2014 through June 2019 at 179 Victoria St. S. (ACS).


 10.1 Site plan Control Development Agreement - ES Howard Ave 12R27356 Parts 2 to 4 (470-02400)

Passed By-law 2019-102 being a by-law to Authorize the Signing of a Development Agreement for ES Howard Avenue for a proposed development of a Transport Truck Parking Lot.

 10.2 Suitability for Development of Two Proposed Lots, E/S Concession 2 North - on Private Septic Systems

Approved the development of the two lots on E/S Concession 2 North on private septic systems.


 11.1 Fire Permit System Review and Open Air Burn By-Law Amendent

Approved moving to a one-and-done fire permit fee system and exempted St. Peter's ACHS College School so it could have fires.


 14.1 Drainage Board Meeting Minutes - December 2, 2019

Accepted the request from James McGuire for the replacement of the access culvert over the 7th Concession Road Drain North; and, approved the appointment of the firm of RC Spencer Associates Inc. to complete a report for the repair and improvement of the 7th Concession Road Drain North.


 16.1 Joint Use Agreements for new High School

Directed Administration to contact the Greater Essex County District School Board in regards to Joint Use Agreements with existing infrastructure and any opportunities that may exist with the new high school, namely exterior recreational infrastructure, before final drawings/concepts are presented with a report to be brought back to Council.

 16.2 Traffic Issues on Cherrylawn Crescent

Directed Administration to investigate the feasibility of a 4-way stop at Pickering Drive and Cherrylawn Crescent, at the intersection closest to Sandwich Street South.

 16.3 Windsor Regional Hospital fundraising campaign

Approved the request from Alison Baldwin to advertise a 50/50 Draw on the Town's electronic signage in order to raise funds on behalf of the Windsor
Regional Hospital Foundation towards the purchase of a 3D digital mammography machine.


 18.1 By-Law 2019-098- Final Debenture Borrowing

Passed (housekeeping) By-law 2019-098 being a by-law to Authorize the Borrowing upon Amortizing Debentures in the principal amount of
$1,843,551.44 towards the cost of Meloche Road Reconstruction, Pump Station 2 Upgrade.

 18.2 By-Law 2019-107 - Appointment to the Amherstburg Accessibility Advisory Committee

Passed (housekeeping) By-law 2019-107 being a by-law to Appoint Members to the Amherstburg Accessibility Advisory Committee.

 18.3 By-Law 2019-108 - Appoint Dog Control Officer and Pound Facility

Passed (housekeeping) By-law 2019-108 being a by-law to appoint Dog Control Officer and Pound Facility.


 19.1 - Lowes Side Road

Approved the ownership of a portion of Lowes Side Road, the acquisition of a parcel of land owned by Walker Aggregates Inc. for the price of $1.00; and, waived Sections 6.3.3 and 6.5.1 of the Disposition of Surplus Property Policy under specified terms and conditions.