Voting Record -- Feb. 25, 2019

Council voted to change the name of a street that was causing confusion in Kingsbridge, voted to waive fees for the Rotary Ribfest and finally settled on a marketing logo and tagline so our tourism department can continue building on their considerable success.

Here's how I voted:


6.1 Inconsistency between Marsh Court and Marsh Drive - Richard Harvey

Voted to change the name of Marsh Drive and compensate affected residents

6.2 Request to Waive Rental and Equipment Fees for Rib Fest - John Sutton and Steve Butcher, Rotary Club of Amherstburg

Voted to waive rental and equipment fees for the 2019 Ribfest and pay for property upgrades capped at $20,000


7.2 Amherstburg Branding Strategy, Logo Design - Bronwyn Mondoux and Andrea Dyer, Cinnamon Toast New Media Inc.

Voted to support the modified original logo with the addition of the North Star and the removal of the railway tracks. Supported Every Day History as the tagline. I explain my vote in further detail in this blog post.

Reports - Corporate Services

9.1 2019 Final Approved Budget

Approved a municipal tax increase of 1.82 per cent. Adopted the 2019 Town Taxation Budget and 2019 Water and Wastewater Budgets. I talk about the budget more in this blog post.

Reports -- Planning, Development and Legislative Services

12.1 2019 Special Events Approval

Approved the following as special events: 

  • Rotary Ribfest - July 5-7
  • Woofaroo - July 20,21
  • Amherstburg Community Church Service in the Park - Aug. 11
  • Amherstburg Community Church Service and Picnic - Aug. 18

12.3 Amending Development Agreement with Francesco and Gina Storino for 1215 Front Road South

Supported the amended agreement

12.4 Draft Plan of Subdivision, Kingsbridge Subdivision

Passed By-law 2019-012 to authorize the signing of a sub-division agreement

12.5 Kingsbridge Subdivision Phase 9 - Summary of Public Comments and Endorsement of Draft Plan of Subdivision

Supported Draft Plan Approval for Phase 9 of Kingsbridge Subdivision

12.6 Urban Design Guidelines and Commercial Sign Moratorium

Directed Administration to review all applications for signage based on policies in UDG until the final version is endorsed and lifted the moratorium on signage requests (excluding portable signs) from areas bounded by Texas Road to Lowes Side Road to Meloche Road to the Detroit River.

16 -- Correspondence

16.1 World Autism Awareness Day, April 2, 2019

Supported proclaiming World Autism Awareness Day in the Town on April 2 and approved raising the Autism Ontario flag at town hall.

19 -- New Business

19.1 Kingsbridge subdivision exit and entry points

Directed administration to investigate alternate entry and exit points for the Kingsbridge subdivision

19.2 Turtle Crossing signs

Directed administration to look into the feasibility of erecting Turtle Crossing signs in the Big Creek Watershed

21 -- By-laws

Passed By-laws appointing members to the Property Standards Committee, the Livestock Valuers Committee and the Fence Viewers Committee