Voting Record -- February 10, 2020

I supported the bid to submit the Honeywell property for consideration to the province's Job Sites Challenge and directed Administration to look into prohibiting on-street parking during major snowfall events. Here's how I voted on February 10, 2020:


 6.1 Development Charges Act Changes Effective January 1, 2020 - Instalments, Rate Freezing and Interest Charges 

Approved Development Charges Acts changes and applying the higher of the payment penalties prescribed by the province and voted to sent a letter to the Regional Housing Corporation over the shortage of affordable housing in Amherstburg. 


 11.3 Windsor Essex County Economic Development Corporation (WEEDC) Job Site Challenge Submission 

Directed the CAO to submit the Honeywell property for inclusion in the Job Site Challenge and include the parcel of land east of Thomas Road along with the Bru Mon property. 


 13.1 March 2020 - Easter Seals Month - Easter Seals Ontario (Windsor-Essex) 

Proclaimed March as Easter Seals Month in the Town of Amherstburg.


 15.1 Amherstburg Accessibility Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes - January 23,2020 

Directed administration to invite a representative from the Essex County District School Board to attend a meeting to discuss accessibility features planned for the new General Amherst High School. 


 17.2 On-Street Parking During Snowfall Events

Directed Administration to look into prohibiting on-street parking during heavy snowfalls to assist snowploughs when clearing snow.

17.4 Municipal Modernization Program

Directed Administration to send correspondence to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing asking for an update with respect to the Town's grant submission in the Municipal Modernization Program. 

17.5 Cannabis Consumption Establishments

Directed Administration to contact the Association of Municipalities of Ontario to seek its position on cannabis consumption venues and bring a report back to Council so the Town could take an official position on cannabis consumption venues within the Town of Amherstburg.

17.6 APS Portable Sign

Grated an exemption to Amherstburg Public School from Section 12.1 of the Town's Sign By-Law to allow so it could place a portable at 300 Victoria Street South advertising kindergarten registration. 


19.1 By-Law 2019-092 - Road Allowance Transfer for 26 Whelan Drive 

Approved By-Law 2019-092 to stop up, close and sell a portion of the unimproved road allowance in front of 26 Whelan Drive.

19.2 By-law 2020-013 -Appointment of Building Officials and Inspectors

Approved By-Law 2020-013 to appoint Building Officials and Inspectors.