Voting Record -- January 27, 2020

I was happy to direct administration to send a letter to Premier Doug Ford about funding challenges regarding Amherstburg's new High School and to earmark funds for the improvement of Pat Thrasher Park in Kingsbridge. Here's how I voted on January 27, 2020:


6.1 Long Service Award Recognition

Supported receipt of the Long Service Award to Ross Sinasac. Congratulations, Ross!


7.1 Active Transportation within the Town of Amherstburg - The Cozmic Queenz

Supported sending the presentation to the County of Essex and all Ontario municipalities and directed Administration to bring back a report regarding the availability of bike racks within the Town and the feasibility of motorized scooters for public use. 


11.1 Refreshment Vehicle By-law Amendments and Operation on Town-owned Parkland

Supported allowing Food Trucks/Refreshment Vehicles on Town-owned land in accordance with Park Permit regulations and authorized administration to implement the program. Directed administration to review any concerns with the program before the end of the year. 

11.2 Zoning By-Law Amendment- ES Creek Road (Cone 3 Pt Lot 32)

Approved By-Law 2020-009 to amend Zoning By-Law No. 1999-52.

 11.3 Kingsbridge Subdivision Phase 5G - Subdivision Agreement File No. 37-T-13003 

Approved entering into a subdivision agreement with 1027579 Ontario Limited for Kingsbridge Subdivision Agreement Phase 5G and authorized the execution of a Drainage Agreement with 1078217 Ontario Ltd and 1027579 Ontario Ltd. 

 11.4 Road Dedication of Reserves for lots on Plan 12M-534 (easterly extension of Whelan Avenue, Hilton Court, and Lambert Street) as Public Highway 

Approved Blocks 85, 86, 87, and 88 on Plan 12M-534 (easterly extension of Whelan Avenue, Hilton Court and Lambert Court) as a Public Highway.

11.5 Kingsbridge Subdivision Parkland Conveyance

Approved amending the method of meeting parkland dedication requirements, conveying 2.67 hectares to 1078217 Ontario Ltd. in exchange for $66,170 cash in lieu of parkland. Introduced amendment so those funds are exclusively used for improvements to Pat Thrasher Park and directed administration to explore opportunities in consultation with the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee and neighbourhood residents. 


 16.3 Heritage Committee Meeting Minutes - December 12, 2019 

Supported the committee's recommendation to remove some properties as Properties of Interest from the Heritage Registry and supported the presenting of a heritage plaque to several properties. Supported the committee's recommendations for Heritage Rebates. 

16.4 Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes - Dec. 4 and Jan. 8, 2019

Supported using Schedule A2 of the County Official Plan to define Urban Areas in relation to the Parks Master Plan and directed Administration to provide a short list of potential projects to utilize the $75,000 placed in the Parks Reserve during 2020 Budget deliberations. 

16.6 Drainage Board Meeting Minutes - January 16, 2020

Approved the recommendations of the Drainage Board for the replacement of the access culvert over the 6th Concession Drain and appointed N.J. Peralta Engineering for the repair and improvement of the drain. Approved other Drainage Board recommendations for land parcel severances. 


18.1 New Amherstburg High School

Directed the Mayor to send correspondence to the Premier, the Minister of Education, the local trustees for the Greater Essex County District School Board and the local MPP regarding funding challenges and potential cuts threatening the new High School. 



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