Voting Record -- June 24, 2019

I was happy to support wildlife steward Greg Nemeth's quest to install wildlife awareness signs in the Big Creek Watershed and I was happy to support placing the accounts payable reports on the public agenda.

I was also happy to promote a sidewalk/pathway on Middle Side Road in McGregor and to support granting a three-month medical leave of absences to Mayor Aldo DiCarlo. Get well soon, Aldo! 

Here's how I voted on June 24, 2019:


 14.1 Big Creek Wildlife Awareness Signage

Directed administration to develop an ecotourism and wildlife awareness strategy and spend $2,440 to erect 16 hybrid signs with graphics imploring motorists to watch out for wildlife in the Big Creek Watershed.

 14.2 Walnut Drive Watermain Replacement and Road Improvements (McCurdy to Hawthorn) - Tender Results

Approved an over-expenditure not to exceed $12,611 for the Walnut Drive Watermain Replacement and Road Improvements (McCurdy to Hawthorn), for a total project cost not to exceed $352,611; authorized Administration to transfer
additional funds from the Water Capital Reserve and Working Capital Reserve of up to $12,266 and $345 respectively to fund the over-expenditure; and, awarded the Walnut Drive project to Major Construction 2010 Ltd. in the amount of $304,249 plus H.S.T.


 15.1 Development Agreement for N/S County Road 20 

Approved the execution of a Development Agreement with Jon and Kathy Parks for the development of five residential building lots located on the north side of County Road 20.

 15.2 Development Agreement for WS Concession 2 North

Approved the execution of a Development Agreement with Pacitti Contracting Company Ltd. for the development of three residential building lots on the west side of Concession 2 North.


 16.1 Request for Absence from Council

Authorized Mayor Aldo DiCarlo to be absent from meetings due to illness and receipt of medical treatment for a 3 month period from June 24, 2019; and appointed Councillor Michael Prue as the County Council alternate for the 2018-2022 term.

Thumbs down graphic 16.2 Breach of Confidentiality

Voted to receive the report and take no action. I believed that to be the best course of action given and the one that best promoted the interests of the town based on information I reviewed in a private and confidential memo.


 17.2 Unfinished Business Item – Amherstburg Community Foundation 

Authorized the release of the Crown Park Corporation Planning Study as provided by the Amherstburg Community Foundation


18.2 Waste Management in the Province of Ontario - Town of Georgina Resolution

Supported the Town of Georgina's resolution to request the Province to review and implement a deposit/return program for all single-use plastic, aluminum and metal drink containers, and to review current producer requirements and look for extended producer responsibility for all packaging.


 21.1 Accounts Payable

Directed administration to add the Accounts Payable reports to the public agenda.

 21.2 Audit Advisory Committee Terms of Reference

Reinstated the Terms of Reference dated January 12, 2015, in the interim, as the Terms of Reference for the current term of the Audit Advisory Committee; and, directed Administration to provide a report to Council regarding the cost of resources required to assist in establishing an expanded Terms of Reference and mandate for the Audit Advisory Committee.

 21.3 Sidewalk/Pathway on Middle Side Road in McGregor

Directed Administration to provide a report to Council regarding the feasibility of safe pedestrian travel along County Road 10.


23.1 By-law 2019-063 - To Appoint Members to the Accessibility Advisory Committee

Passed By-law 2019-063 to appoint members to the Accessibility Advisory Committee.

 23.2 By-law 2019-064 - Amending By-law for Small Communities Fund 

Passed By-law 2019-064 to enter into an Extension Agreement with the Minister of Agriculture, Foods, and Rural Affairs for the Small Community Fund – Application Based Component.

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