Voting Record -- June 8, 2020

I was very happy to support Open Air Weekends, which opens up downtown streets to peoples and patios to help local businesses respond to the challenges of COVID-19. Here's how I voted on June 8, 2020:


 11.1 Celebrating 20 Years and Preparing for the Future - Joe Barile, General Manager, and Kris Taylor, Director of Corporate Strategy, Essex Power Corporation

Voted to receive the presentation.


 12.1 Water and Wastewater Billing Service Delivery Review

Supported continuing the purchase of service from Essex Powerlines Corporation for waster and wastewater billing and adopted the Water and Wastewater Billing and Collection Policy. 


 16.1 2020 Appointment of Proxy Holder for Essex Power Corporation’s Annual Shareholders’ Virtual Meeting

Voted to appoint Mayor Aldo DiCarlo as the proxy holder, and Bill Wark as the alternate proxy holder, for the Town of Amherstburg for Essex Power Corporation's Annual Shareholders' meeting and authorized the Clerk to sign all necessary proxy forms to implement this resolution and forward them to Essex Power Corporation as required. 

 16.2 Respond, Restart, Recover - COVID-19 - Amherstburg Revitalization Initiative

Supported Open Air Weekends which involved opening downtown streets to people and patios for the remainder of 2020 and exempted associated events from the Town's Noise By-Law so long as the generated noise remained below 70dba. Supported making it easier for events to be held in King's Navy Yard Park.


 17.1 Traffic Study – 4 Way Stop – Pickering and Cherrylawn

Supported deferment so Administration could gather additional collision statistics.


 19.1 Drainage Board Meeting Minutes - June 2, 2020

Recieved reports from RC Spencer Associates Inc. and appointed them to complete an engineering report for the Higgs Drain as recommended by the Drainage Board. 


20.1 Speed Monitor on Pickering

Directed Administration to place a speed monitor at the intersection of Pickering and Cherrylawn.