Voting Record -- Nov. 12, 2019

I was happy to support opening the door to developing the south end of Boblo Island and voted unanimously with my colleagues to join more than 450 other Canadian municipalities and declare a Climate Emergency in the Town of Amherstburg. 


 10.1 Boblo Island Development Agreement - Cindy Prince, Vice President, AMICO Infrastructure Inc., and Eric Farron, AMICO Legal Counsel

Passed By-Law 2019-091 to authorize the signing of a subdivision agreement for the south end of Boblo Island.


 11.1 2019 Tax Write-Offs and Rebates

Affirmed the 2019 Tax Write-Offs and Rebates.

 11.2 Asset Management Policy

Adopted the Asset Management Policy.


 14.1 Transfer of Municipal Lands-Road Allowance at 26 Whelan Drive; Block 52, Plan 12M373 - in front of 26 Whelan Drive (Lot 37 on Plan 12M373)

Passed By-law 2019-079 being a by-law to Stop Up, Close and Sell a Portion of the Unimproved Road Allowance located in front of 26 Whelan Drive.

 14.2 Zoning By-Law Amendment - WS Concession 4 South

Passed By-law 2019-077 being a by-law to amend the Zoning By-law to allow for general agricultural uses and prohibit any new dwelling units on the land located at WS Concession 4 South.


 15.1 2020 Calendar of Council Meetings

Approved the 2020 Calendar of Council Meetings.


 19.1 Accessibility Advisory Committee Minutes - October 22, 2019

Matched the Accessibility Advisory Committee of the Town of Essex in providing an equal portion of $5,445.47 for the purchase of 5 accessible picnic tables; and, adopted the Person First Language (PFL) as a pilot project at the Accessibility Committee level with further consideration of use in the organization at a later date.

 19.2 Drainage Board Meeting Minutes - November 5, 2019

Provisionally adopted By-law 2019-093 being a by-law to provide for the New Access Culvert on the Dupuis Drain for Bastien; provisionally adopted By-law 2019-095 being a by-law to provide for the John Parks Drain No. 1 Improvements; accepted the request from Peter Crump for the repair and improvement of the John Parks Drain No. 2; approved the appointment of the firm of R. Dobbin Engineering Inc. to complete a report for the repair and improvement of the John Parks Drain No. 2; and, approved the assessment adjustments for the Subsequent Connection – Tremblay Drain (Lepera Section 65).


 22.1 Climate Emergency Declaration

Joined more than 450 other municipalities in Canada in declaring a Climate Emergency. Read more...

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