Voting Record -- Sept. 9, 2019

I was very happy to support applying for CWATS funding to install paved shoulders on Alma Street between Fryer Street and Meloche Road and I was happy to support an extended River Lights Winter Festival thanks to a $250,000 grant secured by our Tourism Department.

Here's how I voted:


 11.1 Delegation from ATA on Lobbyist Registry (Item 16.1)

Received a delegation from Nancy Atkinson of the Amherstburg Taxpayers' Association and voted to defer the issue on appointing the Integrity Commissioner as Lobbyist Registrar.


 12.1 External Audit Services 2019-2023 - RFP Results

Accepted the proposal from KPMG to provide external audit services from 2019-2023 for $135,000 plus HST and appointed KPMG as external auditors for the Town from 2019 to 2023.


 13.1 Canadian Experiences Fund Grant - River Lights Winter Festival

Approved an extended River Lights Festival from Nov. 16 to Feb. 15 from the $250,000 Canadian Experiences Fund Grant. Authorized the hiring of two temporary staff to support delivery of projects funded by the grant and approved a pre-commitment in the 2020 Budget not to exceed $31,250 to deliver the balance of the program fully funded by the CEF grant. Great job to our Tourism department for getting this grant! Bring on the lights! 🎄🎄🎄

 14.1 CWATS Segment AMH-06 - Alma Street Paved Shoulders (Fryer Street to Meloche Road)

Approved the submission of this project to the County Wide Active Transportation System Committee for funding consideration, based on the CWATS cost-sharing formula of 60 per cent from the Town and 40 per cent from the County. I was very happy to support this! I run in that area frequently and that stretch of Alma is dangerous and paved shoulders will help link that stretch to Meloche and the Libro, the core and the pathway on Thomas that leads to the Amherstburg-Essex Greenway and the pathway on Texas Road. 🚲🚲🚲


 15.1 Special Events Approval - Part IV

Approved the following special events: Legion Week Parade; Remembrance Day Parade; Super Santa Run; River Lights Opening Ceremonies; River Lights; Holiday House Tour; Santa Claus Parade.

 15.2 Housekeeping Zoning By-Law Amendment - Shipping Containers

Passed By-law 2019-072 to amend Zoning By-law 1999-52 to prohibit the permanent placement of shipping containers as storage containers in all areas other than Industrial Zones and Agricultural Zones. 


 17.1 Pleasure Crafts and Enforcing a Speed Limit Along the Detroit River, Amherstburg Shoreline

Directed Administration to send correspondence to the Minister of Transportation, Marc Garneau, to request an Order-in-Council to impose an urgent vessel restriction along all shorelines within the jurisdiction of the Town of Amherstburg; and, asked for the Mayor’s consideration to call the Minister and make a personal appeal as well.


 19.1 2019 Legion Week - Sept. 14-22, 2019

Proclaimed September 14-22, 2019 as Legion Week in the Town.


 19.1 Charitable Number for Miracle League and Charitable Number Policy

Directed Administration to reach out to the Miracle League to advise them of the charitable number that is available to them; and, to develop a policy outlining the use of charitable numbers for other organizations.

 19.2 Exploration of New Festivals

Directed Administration to prepare a report exploring the economics, rationale and feasibility of introducing other festivals and events within the Town for Council consideration in the 2020 Operating Budget; and, to look at all possible venues within the Town to hold events/festivals.


 21.1 and 21.1 Drainage Board Meeting Minutes - August 19, 2019 and Sept. 3, 2019

Accepted the petition for new drainage works for the Lakewood Drive Drainage Scheme; approved the appointment Dillon Consulting Ltd. to make an examination
and prepare a report of the area requiring drainage as described in the petition by Road Authority – Lakewood Drive Drainage Scheme; and, approved the drainage apportionment for land parcel severance Consent B/9-13/19 and Consent B/1/19.


 25.1 By-law 2019-058 - Parks Drain - 3rd & Final Reading

Passed By-law 2019-058 being a by-law to Provide for the Parks Drain.

 25.2 By-law 2019-059 - New Access Culvert on the Hamel Drain for Bastien - 3rd & Final Reading

Passed By-law 2019-059 being a by-law to Provide for the New Access Culvert on the Hamel Drain for Bastien.

 25.3 By-law 2019-074 - Drainage Board Appointment

Passed By-law 2019-074 being a by-law to Appoint Anthony Campiogotto to the Drainage Board.

 25.4 By-law 2019-079 - Closure and Sale - Portion of the Unimproved Road Allowance between Concessions 1 &2

Passed By-law 2019-079 being a by-law to Stop Up, Close and Sell Part, Retain Part of a Portion of the Unimproved Road Allowance between Concession 1&2 located on the south side of Malden Road.


 Meloche Road

Directed Administration to extend the terms noted in the confidential In-Camera report to vacate the buildings on the Meloche Road property for a period not to
exceed 1 year from August 19, 2019.

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