Amherstburg residents can now file traffic complaints online

You hear a lot about speeding motorists and drivers rolling through stop signs when you go door-to-door during an election campaign.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a subdivision or on a Concession Road, residents want police to crack down on speeders near their homes or at least be visible enough to slow them down.

I heard it again on the weekend talking to residents living on Marsh Court and Marsh Drive, who were appearing before council seeking a solution to a persistent and peculiar problem that regularly sees mail, pizzas and first responders go to the wrong address.

A resident — who once had his lawn fertilized for free in a case of mistaken addresses — talked about drivers rolling through the stop signs on Knobb Hill Drive.

He emphasized there were younA chastened driver is busted for speeding in this stock photo.g children in the neighbourhood and questioned whether increased enforcement might curb the problem.

I brought it up during the New Business portion of Monday’s meeting and Staff Sgt. Dave DeLuca, head of the Amherstburg detachment of Windsor Police, said town residents can now file complaints directly with police using the online Road Watch system.

“The Road Watch Program is a City of Windsor and Town of Amherstburg community initiative that gives residents and visitors an opportunity to formally report dangerous and aggressive drivers to the police,” according to the Road Watch section on the Windsor Police website.

“These behaviours include speeding, tailgating, unsafe lane changes, disobeying/running traffic lights and stop signs or any other behaviour that makes you feel unsafe.”

You can file a Road Watch report if you have a detailed vehicle description and licence plate number in connection with a specific incident. If deemed appropriate, police will send a letter to the owner of the vehicle outlining the date, time and location of the incident along with a reminder about safe and responsible driving.

If the issue is a reoccurring one, like speeders on a particular street or vehicles rolling through stop signs at  a specific intersection, you can file a Traffic Complaint. Provide as much detail as you can about the problem in terms of when and where and how often it occurs so police can investigate if additional enforcement is required.

Thanks for the great information, Dave!

File a report!

You can also download and print off a report and mail in your complaint. 

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