Running In Amherstburg: Pointe West Wander

When you start a run off at the Greenway trailhead on Thomas Road, you’ve got all kinds of options.

You can head down the Greenway toward McGregor. You can head south to Alma and then choose to zig-zag through town or make your way to the Libro Centre, where you can circle back through town or push further down Creek Road.

You can carve down Texas Road and quickly experience those epic shoreline views or you can keep heading north and explore Pointe West and Golfview before looping back down Front Road. You could keep on trucking toward River Canard, too, I suppose, though that’s a big ask considering you’ll have to make your way back.

I went with the Pointe West option on this run because I wanted to make sure I eventually wound my way through Kingsbridge so I could check out an issue coming before council – the chaos and consternation caused by having duplicate address numbers on Marsh Drive and Marsh Court.

Below are some pics I took along the way:

The view from the foot of Middle Side Road

Golfers Crossing sign

Easy Street sign

Save GM Oshawa signs in Pointe West

An old Anderdon sign near Pointe West