Voting Record -- Jan. 14, 2019

We had some nice discussions tonight about the need for a community pool and the need to ensure we take our time and consult with the public on a new logo for our town. 

Here's how I voted:

Delegations –


10.1 – Lions Pool at Centennial Park – Tiffany Cote and Yvette Erickson

Voted to receive the delegation about replacing Lions Pool. Yvette Erickson and Tiffany Cote presented a petition of some 300 signatures calling on council to replace the pool, which was decommissioned to make may for a new high school in Centennial Park. I signed the petition during the campaign and I reiterated my support for a pool following their presentation.




Thumbs down graphic11.1 – Amherstburg Branding Strategy, Logo Design – Bronwyn Mondoux and Andrea Dyer, Cinnamon Toast New Media Inc. (Also 14.1 under Reports – Parks, Facilities, Recreation and Culture)

Voted against the recommendation to accept the logo and tagline as presented. Voted for the designers to show residents two other options and open the process up for public input, including input from two town committees. The results will come back to council February 25th.


Reports – Corporate Services


13.1 – 2019 Interim Tax Levy By-law 2019-005

Voted to support By-law 2019-005 to provide for an interim tax levy in default

13.2 – By-law 2019-006 Temporary Borrowing

Voted in support of By-law 2019-006 to provide for the temporary borrowing of an upset limit of $7 million for the Town.


Reports – CAO’s Office


17.1 – Amherstburg Emergency Response Plan – Update

Voted to support the revised Emergency Response Plan


Consent Correspondence


Thumbs down graphic19.2 and 19.2 – 2019 OMFPOA Training and Education Symposium/Fire Service Women Ontario Magazine

Opposed spending $350 on an ad in either publication because there was no clear case presented on how the town and residents would benefit.


Other Minutes


21.1-2 Drainage Board Meeting Minutes – January 7, 2019

Supported provisional adoption of By-law 2019-003 to provide for the new access bridge on the 5th Concession Road Drain South


Supported provisional adoption of By-law 2019-004 to provide for the access bridge replacement on the Whelan Drain.




25.1 – By-law 2019-102 Petition for Drainage Works of the Odette Drain – 3rd and Final Reading

Supported passing of By-law 2018-102 to provide for the petition for drainage works of the Odette Drain.

25.2 – By-law 2019-007 – Signing Authorities By-law

Supported passing of By-law 2019-007 to appoint bank signing authorities


Motion to Reconsider

I introduced a Motion to Reconsider Resolution #20181210-393, which I supported at the Dec. 10 meeting.

I was a little bit concerned council hadn’t fully threshed out the issue of amending the development charges bylaw at the Dec. 10 meeting and hadn’t heard countervailing arguments.

We discussed the issue again and heard competing views during debate on my motion and I’m comfortable with the decision council initially made.

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