Voting Record -- March 11, 2019

I was happy to support the Amherstburg Farmers' Market set up shop in a new location at Toddy Jones Park and I was also happy to support the opening of a new craft brewery in the downtown core. 

Here's how I voted:


5.1 Festival and Events Ontario Awards

Two thumbs up to our hard-working Parks and Tourism Departments for bringing home the hardware. The Town of Amherstburg was named 2019 Municipality of the Year by Festivals and Events Ontario. The Uncommon Festival was named Best New Festival and River Lights Winter Festival made the list of Top 100 festivals.


6.1 Request to waive fire permit fee -- Cathy Robertson and Kathi Poupard, Girl Guides of Canada

I declared a conflict on this issue because my daughter is a Girl Guide who attends Camps Bryerswood. My council colleagus voted to waive the $25 fee.

Reports - Planning, Development and Legislative Services

11.1 - Amherstburg Farmer’s Market - User and Permit Fees 2019

Supported waiving the 2019 user fees, not to exceed $5,000, for the Amherstburg Farmers' Market and supported granting an exemption to Section 6 (e) of the Parks By-law #2002-72 to allow for the Farmers' Market to have commercial sales in Toddy Jones Park. 

11.2 Draft Plan of Subdivision County File 37-T-18005, 1078217 Ontario Limited, Kingsbridge Subdivision, Part of Lots 13 and 14 Concession 1 (Anderon)

Authorized the signing of a subdivision agreement to allow for 86 lots for single detached dwellings in Kingsbridge Subdivision located to the east of Knobb Hill Drive and south of Whelan Avenue.

11.3 Removal of Part Lot Control – Meadowview Phase II

Approved the application for Removal of Part Lot Control for Parts 1 through 82 inclusive, known locally as Meadowview Subdivision, to allow for the transfer of 26 lots for single detached dwellings and 56 lots for semi-detached units.

11.4 Request for Proposals – Legal Services Retainer – Results

Authorized a retainer agreement between the Town and the following firms for a period of three years with the potential for an extension for up to one year: Mousseau DeLuca McPherson Prince LLP; McTague Law Firm LLP; Shibley Righton LLP.

11.5 Manufacturer’s Limited Liquor Sales Licence

Supported the issuance of the Manufacturer’s Limited Liquor Sales Licence (By the Glass) from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) for Lot 10 Brewing Company. Check out the Windsor Star story on Lot 10 Brewing Company!

Reports - CAO's Office

12.1 Lay Member Term Adjustment – Essex Power Board of Directors

Extended the term for Bill Wark, Amherstburg lay member on the Essex Power Corporation Board, until December 31, 2020.

Consent Correspondence

14.1 2019 Annual Show Book - Essex County Steam & Gas Engine Museum Inc.

Supported the Essex County Steam & Gas Engine Museum Inc, by placing a ¼ page, black & white advertisement in the 2019 Annual Show Book.


15.1 Purple Day for Epilepsy Awareness - March 26, 2019

Proclaimed March 26, 2019 as Purple Day in the Town in support of Epilepsy Awareness.

Other Minutes

17.1 Drainage Board Meeting Minutes - March 5, 2019

Approved the drainage apportionments for land parcel severances Consent B/23/18, Consent B/28/18; accepted the request from Alan Beetham for the replacement of an existing access culvert over the Charles Shepley Drain; approved the appointment of the firm of R. Dobbin Engineering Inc. to complete a report for the repair and improvement to the Charles Shepley Drain; and, approved the appointment of the firm of R. Dobbin Engineering Inc. to complete a report to vary the original assessments for maintenance pursuant to Section 76 of the Drainage Act for the Charles Shepley Drain.

New Business

19.1 - Snow clearing on sidewalks

Directed Adminstration to place an advertisement in the River Town Times to remind residents and business owners in November and December to assist with sidewalk snow clearing when possible.


22.1 By-law 2019-003 - New Farm Access Bridge Over the 5th Concession Road Drain South - 3rd & Final Reading

Passed third and final reading for By-law 2019-003 to provide for the New Farm Access Bridge over the 5th Concession Road Drain South.

22.2 By-law 2019-004 - Farm Bridge Replacement Over the Whelan Drain - 3rd & Final Reading

Passed third and final reading for By-law 2019-004 to provide for the Farm Bridge Replacement over the Whelan Drain.

22.3 By-law 2019-032 - To Appoint a Secretary-Treasurer for the Committee of Adjustment

Passed By-law 2019-032 to Appoint a Secretary-Treasurer for the Committee of Adjustment.